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Beijing Tan Family Cuisine

Beijing Tan Family Cuisine Tan Cuisine originated in the household of Tan Zongjun, an official of the late Qing Dynasty. Very particular about their foods and drinks, Tan Zongjun and his son Tan Zhuangqing paid high wages to hire the best chefs to cook in their house. In this way the Tan family created a Cantonese-style cuisine that incorporates the best elements of a few other regional styles.

Beijing Tan Family Cuisine The family developed a large collection of recipes to suit their tastes. Their food was famous for its fine ingredients to be cooked carefully to retain the flavor and light, fresh seasonings. The private dinner parties given at the Tan house gradually made their cuisine famous. After the fall of the Qing Dynasty, the impoverished Tans opened a small restaurant to make two ends meet, and thus Tan Family Cuisine found its way into the general public and became a Beijing specialty.

In 1988 the Tan family restaurant was moved to Beijing Hotel and Tan family food is now one of the four famous hotel cuisines.

Add: Beijing International Hotel, Beijing
Tel: +86 10 6513 7766
Open Hour: 11:30-14:00 lunch time, 18:00-21:30 dinner time

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